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OTC Products

Find the best companies to manufacture your over-the-counter creams and lotions.

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OTC Products Companies

When producing a cream or lotion, if you add an active ingredient, or make a drug claim and the intended use is to provide a physiological benefit beyond a purely cosmetic effect, it is considered an OTC (over the counter) product.  Some other types of products are toothpastes to prevent cavities, chap-sticks intended to heal, antiperspirant deodorants, some moisteners, suntan lotions claiming SPF, medicated shampoos and soaps for dry skin, dry scalp or dandruff.  You will need to assure OTC Drug Monograph compliance for more than just your product labeling.   The manufacturer will need to provide testing of the active ingredients, stability data, Good Manufacturing Practice compliance and process validation, as well as FDA facility and product registrations.

Bio Agens Research & Development - BARD, s.r.o.
In 2006 Bio Agens Research and Development (BARD) Ltd. was formed to undertake research, development and production of microbial products with active ingredients for use in human and veterinary care.
  Prague ,  160 00  Czech Republic      Contact
Health Care Laboratories Inc.
Pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratory
  Cleveland ,  Texas  77327      Contact
Mushatts LLC
Mushatts No. 9 Psoriasis Premium OTC Skin Ointment, Scalp Cream, Facial Cream and PsoriWash are unique and steroid free. Great testimonials. Interested retailers/distributors
(member of ICMAD)
150 Coconut Drive, #203   Indialantic ,  Florida  32903      Contact
Issar holding co ltd
Importer and wholesale distributor of herbal products,cosmetics and therapeutic products,
591 Summit Ave, Suite# 410   Jersey city ,  New Jersey  07306      Contact