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Cosmetic Insurance

Protect yourself and your business with cosmetic liability insurance policy.

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Cosmetic Insurance Companies

When you are starting a cosmetic business, you will need to protect yourself and your company with a cosmetic insurance policy. Both manufacturers and distributors should consider product liability insurance. Product liability insurance protects you if an item manufactured or developed by your company is responsible for an accident, injury, or death. There are many different types of business liability insurance packages available that will cover your basic cosmetic insurance needs.

Cosmetic Insurance Services/ Frenkel & Co. Inc.
CIS brings a wealth of experience providing insurance service to Cosmetic, Health & Beauty firms nationwide. We have extensive knowledge of Products Liability as it applies to the cosmetic industry. In addition, we have a dedicated staff who is committed to offering you outstanding service and providing coverage at exceptional prices.
601 Plaza 3 6th Floor, Harborside Financial Center
Jersey City, New Jersey
Phone: (201) 356-0057
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