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Cosmetic Metal Caps

Cosmetic metal caps will compliment your bottle or jar.

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Cosmetic Metal Caps Companies

Adding a metal cap to your cosmetic bottle will enhance the look of your package. Aluminum cosmetic metal caps with anodized finishes are very common. Anodized aluminum gives you the feel of richness. Aluminum metal looks and feels superb, with a radiant sheen and smooth finish that will add a touch of class to any product.

Rayuen Packaging Co.,Limited
Looking for reliable, affordable and customized packaging solutions? Whether you are looking to contain your cosmetic products in a fashionable way, or package your skin care products in an innovative design, just partner with Rayuen Packaging, supplier of packaging containers and closures for beauty products, here you get a team of dedicated, professional and experienced staff who worked in this packaging industry for over 10 years to back you up. At Rayuen, we design and manufacture packagings and make your products stand out from the crowd, we can offer empty packaging containers and closures at all sizes for cosmetics, bath & body, haircare, footcare and perfume industry, product range covering from jar, bottle, airless pump dispenser, lid & closures, cosmetic dropper assemblies , pump sprayer in multiple materials like plastic, aluminum and glass, if you source packagings to improve existed beauty line or make customized packagings for private label products, you can rely us for all of your packaging needs. Long-term relationship with a respected partner is the core for all of us, we understand how important it is in our work, at Rayuen, you get more than high quality packagings.
No.39 Chongyi Road
Phone: +86(571)28825651
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Alu-Lids Ltd.
Our clients: Pollena Eva, Ziaja, Bielenda, Miraculum, Clarena, Eveline Cosmetics, TORF Corporation, SORAYA, Farmona... We produce aluminium lids for PS, PP and PVC, and glass jars, as well as laminates and adhesive labels. Alu-Lids is a leading provider of aluminium lids for the largest cosmetic companies in Poland. The company was founded in 2001 in Wroclaw (Poland) and started operating in the packaging industry. In 2003 our company began producing aluminium covers (lids), from the very beginning specializing in producing lids for the cosmetics industry.

Phone: +48 071/ 311 97 39
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