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We help companies in the cosmetic sector to generate B2B business, serving as an intermediary for a unique business opportunity.

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Professional Cosmetic Services

Design the expected results for your brand and find the professionals who will help you achieve them.

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Product Manufacturing

Find everything you need to create your product, from manufacturing, formulation, private label, contract filling, and packaging.

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Ingredients, Formulas and Testing

Discover the ingredients that best align with your product's formulation, from ingredients with flavor and fragrance compounds to raw materials.

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Find the essential elements and services for a complete packaging solution. Packaging, labels, packaging services and protection materials that ensure correct product delivery and optimal visual appeal to the customer.

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Logistics, Sales and Distribution

Find the companies that will make possible the marketing and distribution of your cosmetic products. From sales logistics to the planning, implementation and control of the movement of goods.

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Cosmetic Marketing and Research

Analyze your cosmetic products before they go on the market with cosmetic product tests, market research, and consumer research that will help you with everything you need to launch your product.

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Cosmetic Industry News

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High-volume, Full Service Manufacturer

KBL Cosmetics is a cutting-edge, full-service cosmetic company and industry leader that offers beauty services from head to toe, ranging from brand ideation to high-quality manufacturing. They utilize innovative, technology-driven strategies throughout the entire process. KBL Cosmetics is a high-volume manufacturer and supply chain partner.

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Affordable Cosmetic Formulations of all types.

Cosmetic Formulators LLC specializes in creating top-quality skincare and haircare products. Our end-to-end services cover all aspects of product development, from formulating, reverse engineering, and creating lab samples to stability testing and small batch production runs with no minimum order quantity. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we can help you bring your product vision to life.

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Crafted Manufacturing Experience for Body, Skin & Hair!

Packaging On Demand is a contract manufacturer for skin care, hair care, and personal care products. We are a great fit for growth-mode beauty brands that need a trusted partner to reliably compound and fill. We have the equipment, people, processes, and experience to take your business to the next level. We are FDA licensed and GMP certified. Beaty brands have been trusting Packaging On Demand since 2005.

Give your brand an innovative twist to make it leader in the market!

We are WORLD LEADER in the manufacture of skin care and hair removal products. We provides you capacity for innovation, 60 years of expertise, custom orders and speed to market. With more than 60 years of experience in the cosmetics sector, Cosmewax is a leading company in the manufacturing and marketing of skin care and hair removal products for third parties. We export over 95% of our production to over 50 countries on 5 continents.

World-Class Hair Products

The leading haircare company in Asia with over 35 years of experience, and products used in over 50,000 salons! Professional (salons and spas) and end-customer use. Looking for regional and international partnerships/ distributors.

Build Your Own Brand

Book your appointment today to "Build Your Own Brand" at Frost Cosmetics "Research & Development Formulating Mini Boutique Laboratory" You have the opportunity to join in learn and assist with a cosmetic developer, all while designing your own cosmetics prototype brand. Located on the World famous Santa Monica Blvd, in West Hollywood California. Directly across the street from Paramount Studios.

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Low Start-Up Cost for Private Label

Aurora supplies full range of cosmetics with OEM and Private label line. With our OEM line, you could full bespoke the formula and package. With the private label line, you could profit with Low Start-up Costs.Low Risk. Short Lead Time. High Profit Margins. Global Logistics with Reasonable Price.

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Private Cosmetic Manufacturer offering OEM & ODM services (Antalya, Turkey)

The founders have more than 30 years’ combined experience in the beauty sphere. The factory’s own brand, ELAN professional line, is exported officially to more than 40 countries. ELAN Kimya offers: individual formulation development, INCI list customisation, approved & safe formulations.

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You Own Gel Nail Polish Brand

PBC is one of the biggest and fastest growing European private label Gel nail polish manufacturers. They offer their own brand and also private label. Produced under European standard qualities, with state-of-the-art equipment. They offer worldwide delivery, fast turnaround and low minimums.

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Natural, Green and Healthy

Based in Houston, Texas, our formulas use natural, organic, and healthy ingredients to meet desired performance and marketing goals. The ingredient list of our private label products is clean, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. We are GMP compliant and proudly certified to ISO 22716:2007, Certificate Number: US23/0000001 and also a BBB Accredited Company, BBB Account ID: 90066789.

Your Own "Made in Italy" Line

From concept to consumer: Cosmetic Service are creators of Retail Brands, Private Label Products, and Promotional Products for distribution worldwide. It is an Italian firm with solid experience, supporting brands at every stage of product creation, whether it is nail polish, polish remover, eyebrow pencils, eye shadow or lipstick.

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Innovative Skincare & Haircare Solutions!

INGENI was originated in Taiwan 2017, who provides innovative skincare solutions for body, hand, hair, and even for foot! We aim to inspire everyone’s true beauty within, and be confident with it. Genuineness is our first priority for communication. With more than 10 years’ experience of cosmetic chemist, we have developed our own formulation system with efficacy and safety.

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Private Label Cosmetics with Low MOQ

Lady Burd has been manufacturing cosmetics and skin care for prestigious clients and retail brands worldwide for over 50 years. We offer custom formulations, filling, and a full line of color cosmetics, skin care, hair care and more. We have an extensive library of formulas and thousands of colors to choose from, or our expert cosmetic chemists can custom develop any formula or color for you.

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Stock and Custom Hair Care

Botanic Beauty Labs now offers the ability to lauch new hair care product lines, with NO MINIMUMS, allowing for great flexiblity and quick market tests. Distribute to salons or retailers, start your cosmetic business very easily today.

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Luxury Private Label Skincare

Introducing Nanuvo Labs new dermaceutical private label products: a curated collection of cutting-edge skincare products that brings clinical-grade results straight to your brand. Our meticulously crafted formulas are backed by the latest research and created with the highest quality science based ingredients. We offer MOQs ranging from 30 units to 10k+ units, with multiple packaging and labeling choices, as well as bulk buying options. All of our products are made to order, to ensure the highest quality and longest shelf life. Contact us!

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Complete Makeup and Brush Line

Brush Up with Barbara and Mineral Mine allow you to build your line with exclusive private label cosmetic brushes, specialized esthetic tools and make up accessories, as well as a full array of mineral makeup options including foundation, concealer, BB cream, blush, eyeshadows, lipstick, lip gloss, eye and lip liners, mascara and more!

Will Your Packaging Pass The Test?

Whether a twist delivery as for lipsticks, a pull-off cap for a lip tint, an applicator brush as for mascara, or a roll-on for antiperspirant, there are force and torque test equipment that precisely assess performance and quality of cosmetics. Mecmesin offers you 40 years experience in the field, helping you verify product formulation and packaging reliability.

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Hot & Cold Formulation, Packaging and Filling

GAR Labs is a large SOLAR POWERED contract manufacturer of Custom Private Label Hair Care & Skin Care Products for mid-size mass-market projects, Low cost volume discounts starting at 5,000 pcs & up. (Sorry No Make-Up)

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Your Own Luxury Skincare

Start your own luxury skincare business in 3 easy steps. Concept-Manufacture-Launch! "Cosmetics Made in USA" manufactures a wide range of superior skincare and packaging, using only the most advanced equipment and ingredients. Exceptional lead times, making your brands go to market and sell quick

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Reimagine what Private Label Skin Care can be.

Elevate your business with your own professional anti-aging skincare line. Clinical & natural professional clean skin care with a luxe packaging look tailored to your brand. The benefits of high MOQ production - highly customized label design and beautiful unique glass packaging --- at a Low MOQ.

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Liability and Risk Prevention

Contrary to popular belief, you as the insured can help determine the price or cost of your cosmetic insurance premiums by following a few simple guidelines. Check these simple tips to start saving while ensuring you remain well protected.

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Vegan Natural/Organic Cosmetics

ColorStrokes Cosmetics is the color division of Brushes by Karen, offering exceptional quality products to wholesale companies that sell products under their own name. Natural plant-based formulations are loaded with Certified Organics. The EU approved formulas are Vegan, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO and made in the USA. Choose from our large selection of stocked goods or custom make & fill into your own packaging. Low minimums allow you to add your company logo. Natural/Organic Clean Cosmetics, Mineral Makeup & Cosmetic Brushes all under one roof!

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⚠️Important announcement for indie brands and the entire cosmetic community! If you own a cosmetic company or are a cosmetic manufacturer, it's crucial to be aware that new regulations will be implemented by the FDA in December 2023. In this article, we will inform you about these regulations and highlight the ones that are of vital importance for 2024. 🔗 Link:

Supporting independent brands means endorsing a vision—a vision that beauty knows no bounds, no size, no label. It's a celebration of uniqueness and a pledge to make a difference. Let’s champion these brands, acknowledging the hurdles they overcome and the magic they bring to our beauty routines. Together, we redefine the industry, one independent brand at a time. Read the full article 🔗 . . . 💫🌿 #IndieBeautyChallenges #EmpowerIndieBrands#News

It is the anti-aging active ingredient par excellence, which has been shown to improve wrinkles, blemishes, irregular tone, lack of luminosity, enlarged pores and loss of firmness. Continue the text. This powerhouse compound, derived from Vitamin A, orchestrates a symphony of benefits. It ventures deep into the skin's layers, stimulating collagen production and accelerating cell turnover. As a result, wrinkles soften, blemishes fade, and irregular tones harmonize into a radiant complexion. Its magic touch reaches even the most stubborn issues, from enlarged. . . 🔗Get in contact with suppliers at the bio link.

What percentage of Hyaluronic Acid is recommended in cosmetics? 💧✨Nature's hydration hero! This miracle molecule locks in moisture, plumps skin, and reduces wrinkles. For hyaluronic acid to work its magic, experts recommend a minimum concentration of 0.5%. But here's the golden rule: the most effective results come from products that contain 2% hyaluronic acid! 🔗Tap at the bio link to get in contact with suppliers. . . 💖 #SkincareSecrets #GlowingSkin #BeautyUnveiled

The FDA no longer requires all drugs to be tested on animals before human trials. A new U.S. law has eliminated the requirement that drugs in development must undergo testing in animals before being given to participants in human trials. . . . #CosmeticIndexNews

💄✨Hailey introduces her inaugural makeup collection, featuring a must-have product – the Peptide Lip Tint. Unveiling an enhanced version of her popular Peptide Lip Treatment, the Peptide Lip Tint comes in four alluring shades: soft pink, rich berry, warm coffee, and elegant rose taupe. Infused with the same luxurious blend of shea butter and peptides, this lip tint offers a sheer yet buildable formula. Picture the perfect fusion of a colored lip gloss and a nourishing balm – that's the magic of Hailey's Lip Tint. Each shade is carefully crafted to add a touch of natural radiance to your lips, enhancing your beauty effortlessly. . . #CosmeticIndexNews

Nanuvo company Introduces advanced dermaceutical Private Label line Clinical-grade skin care products are meticulously formulated with the highest quality ingredients that are science-based and backed by the latest research. their range offers MOQs from 30 to 10k+ units, customizable packaging, and bulk buying. Schwartz Natural Cosmetics company creates unique products through internal formulation, mixing, manufacturing, bottling, and packaging for hair, body, and skincare. These products are enriched with natural ingredients, ensuring that those carrying the Schwartz Natural Cosmetics logo always meet the highest quality standards. 🔗Tap the link to contact with suppliers. . . . #Beauty #cosmeticsindexpicks #skincare

Pro-vitamin B5 helps the skin stay smooth, supple, and healthy. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help stimulate skin healing processes. It is deeply moisturizing and helps keep the skin satiated, absorbing moisture from the air. . . 💄Stay tune for more news.

ColorStrokes recently launched new cream multi-task sticks that are packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients! They are lightweight, build-able, and versatile. From cheeks to eyes, to bronzer, lips, and everything in between! All private labels. Eight gorgeous shades to choose from. 🔗Stay tune for more news . . #Cosmeticbrands#Launches

As an entrepreneur, you must know the challenges in the distribution processes of wholesale cosmetic products. CosmeticIndex lists some important points if you want to venture and know more about this industry. . . ✍️🔗 Tap the link in the bio to read the full article. 💄🌍 #CosmeticIndustryChallenges #WholesaleInnovation

The manufacture of personalized Lipsticks is increasingly in demand in the market. Each entrepreneur has their essence and that is why it is important to know the differences between the ingredients to choose, the tone, and the one that best identifies you. Check out some of the benefits of custom lipstick and lip gloss. 🔗Tap the link in the bio to read the article. . . . . #CosmeticIndex#beautytips

Halloween Makeup Trend: Liquid Latex Magic 🎃 Did you know that Liquid Latex is the cornerstone of special effects makeup and is absolutely essential for Halloween enthusiasts and professionals alike? This versatile product allows you to create jaw-dropping 3D effects, simulate realistic injuries, enhance textures, and craft custom, intricate details. Top makeup brands offer high-quality Liquid Latex, making it a must-have for Halloween makeup. Consult makeup suppliers at the following link. 🔗 . . . #beautysuppliers

To start with your own cosmetic brand, it's important that you know the market and seek advice from professionals in the field. . . . #cosmeticsuppliers#cosmeticmanufacturingcompanies #cosmeticprofessionals

Hey beauty industry! Which of the issues below will affect your business? 1. EPR Recycling Laws and Packaging Regulations. 2. Ingredient supply and innovation. 3. Green Marketing Claims and ESG Reporting. How about All of the Above? If you don’t know the impact of these landmark regulations on your business, you need to ACT NOW. Register to attend IBA’s Supply Chain and Sustainability Summit. ⏰ 12:00 PM - 5:15 PM ET 9:00 AM - 2:15 PM PT 📩 🔗 . . . #cosmeticIndex#IBAwebinar

"Unlock the power of personalized packaging with “custom cosmetic containers”. Elevate your brand, captivate your customers, and make a lasting impression. Stand out from the crowd and let your products shine! 🔗 . . . . #CustomCosmeticContainers#PackagingPerfection#Packagingdesigners#Plasticbottles#PlasticJars#Suppliers

You're in time to register for the IBA-sponsored virtual workshop, where you'll get the latest updates on essential cosmetic regulations from FDA experts. Access the following link to register! 🔗 . . . CosmeticIndex#b2bportal#cosmeticindustrynews

Our special offer never disappear, create your ad in 1 minute, promote your company and products and enjoy of the free trial for a month! 🔗 . . . #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#PrivateLabel#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#PrivateLabel

"Transform your passion into a powerful business! Step into the world of beauty and create your own cosmetic line that speaks volumes. Embrace your creativity, empower others, and make your mark in the industry. The possibilities are endless!" 🔗 . . . . . #CosmeticIndex#Productdesign#PrivateLabelcosmetics#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#Packagingservices

CBD-infused cosmetics offer a multitude of benefits including soothing, anti-aging, moisturizing, acne control, healing properties, relaxation, and a natural, plant-based approach to skincare. Stay tuned for more news! 🔗 . . . . . CBDCosmetics#CosmeticIndex#Productdesign#PrivateLabelSkincare#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticDirectory#CosmeticIngredients

"Unleash your inner beauty visionary and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities. Cosmetic formulators are a fusion of science, art, and innovation, crafting cosmetics that empower you to express your truest self. Join our community and experience the transformative magic of cosmetics. 🔗 . . . . ✨💄 #CosmeticFormulators#BeautyRevolution#CosmeticIndex#CosmeticFormulations#PriCosmeticFormulators#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#Packagingservices

Calling all makeup enthusiasts! Elevate your artistry with our premium makeup supplies. From vibrant pigments to luxurious brushes, we provide the tools you need to unleash your creativity. D Discover a world of endless possibilities and take your makeup game to the next level. 💄✨ 🔗 . . . . Wholesalers&Distributers#MakeupSuppliers #ArtistryUnleashed

Did you know all the benefits of Aloe Vera? Aloe vera has multiple benefits for skin care, it has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, and it serves to moisturize the skin and soothe it against sunburn. Its ingredients are used in daily makeup, serums, lotions, and creams. . . . . Find out more🔗 #Aloeverabenefits#Skincare#Creammanufacturers#skincarebrands#cosmeticingredients#CosmeticCompunds

Get to know all the companies willing to help you create your own cosmetic brand, compare with all the company listed. Find suppliers, distributors & clients. Request your quote now!💄 B2BPortal#Skincare#Makeup#PrivateLabelSkincare#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#Suppliers#LipstickManufacturers

Eyelashes with a good 3d effect radiate mystery and sensuality. Enter the link and discover companies willing to create and distribute lashes. 🔗 . . . . #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#SkinCare#CosmeticSuppliers#ContractManufacturing#PrivateLabel#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#PrivateLabel#Lashes

Did you know the importance of having cosmetic insurance? It prevents and protects you from incidents due to the purchase of a defective cosmetic product. Learn more about the tips that Kenneth Hegel, the commercial executive of CIS company, gives us. 🔗 Article . . . . #CosmeticIndex#Makeupl#ContractManufacturers#SkinCare#PrivateLabelSkinCare#Suppliers#CosmeticWholesalers#CosmeticCompanies#LotionManufacturers#CreamManufacturers

Color trends for this summer. Get inspired and combine your makeup with colors that enhance your style. We leave you a list of companies with their exclusive brands so you can choose the best makeup for every occasion. 🔗 . . . . #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#PrivateLabel#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#privatelabelcosmetics

Getting started in the Cosmetic Industry could be confusing, which is why Stanley Katz, the founder of shares valuable information for entrepreneurs to know how and where to start creating their cosmetic product. Stay tuned for more news in our stories. 🔗 . . . . . #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#PrivateLabelColorCosmetics#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory

In Cosmetic index, you will be able to find companies with unique brands that are looking for distributors. If you want to grow your cosmetic catalog with new products, visit our website in the Cosmetic Brands for Distribution category and compare among the listed companies. You will find a variety of cosmetic brands from Skincare, Hair Care, and Nail Polish to Makeup brands. 🔗 . . . . #CosmeticBrands#MakeUpBrands#CosmeticDistribution#skinCareBrands

Sunscreen is a vital product to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. It will also help you to: ✨ Prevent sunburns and premature aging caused by exposure to the sun's UV rays. ✨ Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. ✨ Significantly reduces the risk of developing skin cancer. Go to in the category of tanning products and see all the companies dedicated to creating sunscreens to protect your skin, compare them, contact them, and ask for a quote. . . . . 👉🏻

Serums are characterized by having a high concentration of active ingredients and a liquid texture that favor rapid and deeper absorption. Its main benefit is its high effectiveness in combating premature skin aging. Start your research here and choose the best private-label serum suppliers. 👉🏻 . . . . #Cosmeticindustry#cosmeticindex#privatelabelserum#serummanufacturers

Essential products that every man should have in his personal care routine. ☑️Facial cleanser: Removes dirt, oil, and impurities from your skin. ☑️Deodorant or antiperspirant: helps control body odor and sweat. You can choose a stick, spray, or roll-on, depending your preference. ☑️Shaving kit and moisturizer: A razor, shaving cream, shaving gel, and aftershave, help to keep the skin moisturized and healthy. If you are looking to source creams, razors or personal hygiene products, enter the following link where you can build men's grooming kits or create a complete product from the cream to the packaging that best suits your needs. . . . . 👉🏻 #Men’sgrooming#PersonalCare#Skincare

If you are looking to create or personalize your fragrance you are in the right place! Cosmetic Index has a category where you can find Manufacturers specialized in the fragrance you want to create and launch, they will guide you through the chemical processes and help you choose a unique scent that aligns with your brand or product. 👉🏻

Bar Soap Manufacturers can reproduce an established soap formula or create products from a formula supplied by the customer. Enter our Cosmetics portal and find the different Bar Soap Manufacturers that best suit your needs with personalized designs that will stand out from the crowd. . . . . 👉🏻

Get access to unlimited varieties of brushes for flawless makeup, for professional use, for retail sales or for offering with your own brand on them! At Cosmetic Index you can find suppliers that work in small and large order sizes, depending on your needs. Some of them offer custom printing and packaging on the brushes so you can build your unique product line. Find more about us on our Website 💻 💄 . . . . #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#PrivateLabel#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#PrivateLabel

Get access to unlimited varieties of brushes for flawless makeup, for professional use, for retail sales or for offering with your own brand on them! At you can find suppliers that work in small and large order sizes, depending on your needs. Some of them offer custom printing and packaging on the brushes so you can build your unique product line. Find more about us on our Website 💻 💄 #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#PrivateLabel#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#PrivateLabel

Avoid risks in social media when promoting your brand as it relates to IP laws. Don't miss the free Webinar hosted by Cosmetic Insurance Services. May 11, 2023 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM EST | VIRTUAL EVENT LINK TO REGISTER: 👉🏻 #CosmeticInsuranceServices#Webinar#cosmeticindex #epicbrokers

A contract manufacturer can produce your custom cream formula or develop a new one based on your ideas. What you get is a truly custom looking product from formula to packaging. @cosmeticindex helps you find the best suppliers from around the world with a single click. Find more cream manufacturers on our Website 💻 💄 #CosmeticIndex#Makeupl#ContractManufacturers#SkinCare#PrivateLabelSkinCare#Suppliers#CosmeticWholesalers#CosmeticCompanies#LotionManufacturers#CreamManufacturers

Opportunities for entrepreneurs who desire to launch their own private label hair line are fantastic. Browse these manufacturers and contact them to budget your product costs and potential selling price. Compare private label hair care ingredients and quality. Find more about us on our Website 💻💄 . . . #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#PrivateLabelHairCare#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#HairCareBrand#HairCareProducts

Find many different types of high quality lipstick and lipgloss suppliers to help you create your own product line. At, you can discover multiple manufacturers from around the world and choose the one that best represents your ideas. Find more about us on our Website 💻 💄 . . . #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#PrivateLabel#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#Lipstick&LipglossManufacturers

Discover a wide range of skin care manufacturers and distributors at, from famous brands to innovative products from suppliers worldwide. Contact multiple suppliers simultaneously, get quotation requests and expand your business. . . . Find more about us on our Website 💻💄 #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#PrivateLabel#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#PrivateLabel

Find new suppliers and contact them through our website to get quotations and compare their products and pricing. Our team will redirect you to the company of your choice or the one that matches your requirements. makes it easy for cosmetic suppliers and buyers to meet and make business. Find more about us on our Website 💻💄 #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#SkinCare#CosmeticSuppliers#ContractManufacturing#PrivateLabel#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#PrivateLabel#Lipstick&LipglossBrands#Men’sGrooming

If you want to create your own brand of color cosmetics, at you can find the suppliers that best suits your needs to achieve your business goal. Multiple vendors from all over the world, offering a variety of textures and color ranges, from eye shadows, foundations, blushes to lipsticks and more, allow you to select the ideal cosmetic products to build your own brand. . . . Find more about us on our Website 💻💄 #CosmeticIndex#Makeup#PrivateLabelColorCosmetics#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory

It is easy to create your own skin care product line, choosing from a private label manufacturer and applying your logo and branding on it. They usually accept low minimum order quantities. At you can find private label manufacturers offering a wide range of products from facial cleansers, toners, scrubs, exfoliators, serums, body creams to treatment creams and sunscreens. They are available for all skin types - dry, oily and combination - and specific skin types. Enter our portal, discover suppliers and request quotations to plan and launch your own skin care brand. 💻💄 #Skincare#Makeup#PrivateLabelSkincare#ContractManufacturers#CosmeticPortal#CosmeticDirectory#Suppliers

27 years of experience, serving as a direct sales bridge between companies, suppliers, contract manufacturers and companies in the cosmetic sector. We are a cosmetic directory and B2B portal where you can advertise your products or services and increase your sales. Find more about us on our Website 💻 👉🏻 . . . #CosmeticIndex#CosmeticDirectory#Makeup#Skincare#ContractManufacturers#PrivateLabel#B2B#CosmeticPortal

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The Cosmetic Index website has been very helpful in generating qualified sales leads and new business for our fragrances. Our growth is strong, but we are always looking for new opportunities. Our business has benefited from our Ad in the Cosmetic Index which introduces Elias Fragrances to companies both within the US and abroad who are searching for a suitable fragrance supplier.

Robert Elias

Robert Elias
President of Elias Fragrances
Supplier of Coty, Mary Kay, L'Oreal, Estee Lauder and Wella

New business is hard to come by in the current climate. We've tried traditional advertising in a variety of places but we never got what I'd call "quality" results. Our company's ad in the Cosmetic Index is specifically targeted to our industry and has consistently yielded reliable sales leads, from which I've been able to open several new accounts. Thank you, Cosmetic Index!

Herb Wilson

Herb Wilson
Managing Partner of Imos/Wilsons
Cosmetics developer since 1980 in New York and Milan