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Cosmetic Microbiological Testing

Test your cosmetic product to ensure a long shelf life free of microbial contamination.

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Cosmetic Microbiological Testing Companies

Contamination of cosmetics can result in their being converted into products hazardous for consumers, and subject to recall by the FDA. The water and nutrients present in cosmetics make them susceptible to microbial growth. Microorganisms are the cause of offensive odors, and changes in viscosity and color. Cosmetic microbiological testing is required to detect these microorganisms.

Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences
Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences is a research institute catering perfectly to the needs of companies by conducting safety and effectiveness evaluations on pharmaceutical ingredients and cosmetic products through in-vitro cell testing in 2D/3D and in-vivo human application testing, and others.
Korea, Republic of
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Pole Cosmetique
Whether you want to develop a range of face care, body care or hair care products, we offer you our expertise and adaptability. Each of our products is uniquely developed in accordance with your specifications. We assure the highest level of quality and deliver at your earliest convenience.
La Seyne-sur-Mer
Accugen laboratories,Inc
Accugen is a FDA registered, independent contract microbiology laboratory. We offer full microbiological testing and analyze products from a wide variety of industries. Our microbiological testing lab
50 West 75th Street, Suite 209   Willowbrook ,  Illinois  60527  
Microbiological Testing & consulting INC
Development & Testing of personal Care Products
(member of IBA)
660 N Collins Street   Joliet ,  Illinois  60432