TRI-K Industries Inc. Unveils Groundbreaking Amino Acid-based Hair Repair Ingredient

In the realm of hair care innovation, TRI-K Industries Inc. has once again stepped into the spotlight with the introduction of two groundbreaking ingredients aimed at revolutionizing hair repair and maintenance. Recently unveiled to the public, TRICare CG and EverBond promise to redefine the standards of hair care formulations.

TRICare CG, derived from a blend of amino acids and fatty acids, emerges as a multifunctional ingredient boasting unparalleled purity and a solvent-free composition. This cutting-edge formulation offers a myriad of benefits that transcend traditional hair care solutions. Among its notable attributes, TRICare CG excels in regulating sebum production, combating excess shine and oiliness, and promoting a more balanced skin tone by addressing redness and pore size.

Furthermore, TRI-K's TRICare CG proves its versatility by targeting acne and dandruff-causing organisms, providing gentle relief from common skincare issues. Beyond its skincare benefits, this innovative ingredient also serves as a potent tool for product preservation, allowing formulators to transition away from outdated preservative systems while ensuring the longevity of their formulations.

Notably, TRICare CG stands out for its gentle nature, making it suitable for both skin and scalp applications. Embracing environmentally-friendly practices, TRI-K proudly produces TRICare CG through a green chemistry process, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-conscious ingredients in the beauty industry.

Complementing the transformative properties of TRICare CG is EverBond, TRI-K's solution for repairing and safeguarding damaged hair. Designed to penetrate the hair cortex, EverBond forms a robust bond with keratin sites, effectively restoring structure and strength to compromised hair strands. Its efficacy extends to repairing broken disulfide bonds induced by chemical treatments, offering a comprehensive solution for damaged and weakened hair.

Incorporating EverBond into hair care formulations promises a host of benefits, including the effective repair of disulfide bonds, reduction of breakage in bleached hair, and enhanced protection against heat styling and chemical treatments. With its ability to strengthen and fortify hair strands, EverBond emerges as a indispensable asset in the pursuit of healthier, more resilient hair.

Sabrina Behnke, Ph.D., TRI-K's associate business director for biopolymers and modern preservatives, expressed enthusiasm for the potential impact of TRICare CG on the formulation landscape. She emphasized its versatility and compatibility with other multifunctional ingredients, offering formulators a wide array of possibilities to craft high-performance formulations.

Moreover, Behnke highlighted TRI-K's commitment to microbiome-friendly formulations, showcasing TRICare CG's certification as a testament to its harmonious interaction with the skin's natural flora. By embracing microbiome-friendly practices, TRI-K continues to spearhead innovation in the beauty industry, catering to evolving consumer preferences for sustainable, skin-friendly products.

In summary, TRI-K Industries Inc.'s unveiling of TRICare CG and EverBond represents a significant milestone in the realm of hair care innovation. With their multifunctional benefits and commitment to sustainability and skin health, these ingredients are poised to elevate hair care formulations to new heights, offering consumers unparalleled results and peace of mind.


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