Arugula's Role in Boosting Skin Barrier Strength and Soothing Inflammation in Skin Ailments

Published: 24 Jan 2024

Arugula's Role in Boosting Skin Barrier Strength and Soothing Inflammation in Skin Ailments.

Recently asian studies has conlcuded that Arugula, a leafy green vegetable known for its peppery and acid flavor, has recently garnered attention for potential skin health benefits. The research suggests that arugula may play a role in enhancing skin barrier function and alleviating inflammation associated with various skin conditions.

The skin barrier is a crucial element in maintaining overall skin health, acting as a protective layer against external pollutants, microbes, and environmental stressors. A compromised skin barrier is often linked to skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, where inflammation is a common underlying factor.

The study proposes that arugula, possibly due to its unique nutritional composition, could contribute to fortifying the skin barrier. It is hypothesized that the presence of certain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in arugula may support skin cell regeneration and repair, ultimately enhancing the skin's ability to withstand external stressors.

Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties attributed to arugula may aid in reducing inflammation associated with skin conditions. Chronic inflammation is a key component in the progression and exacerbation of various skin disorders, and mitigating this inflammatory response could potentially offer relief to individuals affected by such conditions.

Suppliers you may be interested in

BonVida, LLC

Family owned and operated. Retail, wholesale, private label, contract, and filling. Over 200 chemical free stock formulations. Great prices. Minimum of 1,000 units. Capability of 10,000 or more units. Products lines include: Progesterone, estradiol, DHEA, cortisol, melatonin creams, Baby, Pet, Make-up, Anti-aging, Bath, Skin, Hair, Personal, Toiletries, Sexuals, Mesotherapy, Household, Herbal, Nutraceuticals

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Crosschem LP

Manufacturer of high-purity Glycolic Acid in 70% solution and 99% crystalline.

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Formulator Sample Shop

Formulator Sample Shop is a supplier of specialty ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industries. Unlike most specialty ingredient suppliers who have minimum orders, we offer you the capability to purchase the exact quantity you need. We also provide Cosmetic Formulation Advice. Please visit our website for more information.

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Robertet Inc.

The oldest natural ingredient company in activity. The leader in Natural Ingredients for Flavor & Fragrances with the broadest range of products. The only company naturally present from the seed to the scent.

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Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc

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Deretil Nature

Manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients.

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MONOI USA is the exclusive global supplier of Monoi de Tahiit AO as a raw ingreident for the cosmetic and spa industry for Parfumerie Tiki the oldest manufacture of MONOI de TAHITI AO in French Polynesia. Parfumerie Tiki is a family business founded in 1942 and is proud . Our knowledge of the products and our strong relationship with Parfumerie Tiki, along with our focus on quality and customer service, have earned us a reputation for reliability.

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Shanghai Puji Biotechnology

Shanghai Puji Biotechnology Ltd is a leading supplier of Amino acid surfactants. It�s also a member of Shanghai International Trade Association. Over fifteen years, Puji have been adhering to the research and production of chemical, biotechnology products. As the demand of market, Shanghai Puji established a new plant in Changsha National Biological Industry Park in 2010, investing five production lines, environmental friendly and energy saving under the GMP standard. Puji R&D department has been widely recognized as a great professionalism with strong financial support within the industry, enabling us to provide the best quality products and excellent services. Puji have been long-term cooperating with over 10 Chinese prestigious institutes and universities, such as Hunan University, Hunan Research Institute of Chemical Industry and Chinese Agriculture Science & Technology University. Over 20 new products are developed with our allies. Our company is dedicating all our efforts to product quality and services. We are versioning to become a world-class manufacturer in biotechnology industry.

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we are own manufacturer .trader, suppliers Exporter S of essential oils Davana oil & Essential oils. Palmarosa oil citronella oil Eucalyptus oil Citrodora oil lemongrass oil

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Longview Farms

Longview Farms was established in 1992 on a 169 acre farm in northeastern Pennsylvania. Originally we ran approximately 200 head of emu on this farm, and sold Emu oil and Emu oil based products imported from Australia. At that time, there were no companies manufacturing Emu oil products within the U.S. As we grew, we diversified into an emu oil rendering facility. We created our original line of quality Emu oil products in 1993 - 1994, being the first company to create and market a fully-encapsulated Emu oil gel cap as a dietary supplement. We have since moved our business to a smaller location and no longer raise Emus. We purchase our raw materials from others who raise Emu as a viable livestock. Today we offer approximately 60 products containing or relating to Emu oil. Our quality Emu oil products are offered for sale and shipped throughout the world. We can continue to provide pure quality Emu oil to our growing base of satisfied customers.

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Sunpure Extracts Pvt Ltd is a diversified Company, with interests in fields as diverse as Herbal Extracts, Nutraceuticals, Phytochemicals, bio-ingredients, spice and natural specialties. Sunpure has a competitive edge built on its knowledge base of over 20 years in Extracts, Nutraceutical, Organic ingredients and commodity markets. Our strong R&D makes us different and stay ahead of the competition.

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Hangzhou Reb Tech

Hangzhou Reb Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research, development and production of synthesis and extract products which have widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical an food fields, as well as closely cooperating with 5 plants. We are located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with convenient transportation access. As a perfect combination of technology and manufacture, we have experienced teams which focus on productdevelopment & design, quality control & inspection.

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Siddharth Carbochem Products Ltd.

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Kerax Limited

Kerax specialise in manufacturing high quality wax products for the Candle Making, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Cosmetics industries. Our product portfolio consists of Microcrystalline waxes, Emulsifying waxes, CS Alcohols, Liquid Paraffin, White and Yellow Soft paraffin, Natural and Paraffin waxes.

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Duerst Lahti Global LLC

Duerst Lahti Global is a mission-driven, market- driven company dedicated to bringing fair trade beauty and personal care products to socially conscious U.S. buyers. As importers and wholesalers of organic and wild-harvested botanicals and specialty and essential oils, we connect U.S.-based businesses with reliable fair trade sources, helping companies pass on compelling stories of resilient entreprenuers in emerging and post-conflict economies. Your purchases of naturally exceptional raw ingredients enable women producers and small farmers to empower themselves through commerce.

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Kilbourne Clay Inc.

Kilbourne Glacial Clay provides the highest quality Green Montmorillonite Glacial Clay. Hand harvested from deep in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, our superior quality glacial clay is not of the marine origin but from hundreds of thousands of years of minerlization from volcanic ash. Most British Columbia glacial clays are of the marine origin and truly not a montmorillonite, however fall into the Bentonite class having larger particles due to heavy irons that are unable to completely breakdown. Our green montmorillonite is an elite superior quality glacial clay with amazing health and beauty benefits.

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Camden-Grey Essential Oils, Inc.

Online supplier of raw materials & ingredients: essential oils, fragrance oils, fixed oils, infused oils, absolutes, butters, waxes, clays, salts, emulsifiers, micas, melt and pour soap bases, sodium hydroxide, lye, bottles, jars, glass droppers, disposable pipettes and many more products....over 1000 items! Est. in 1998, we ship worldwide.

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Natures Garden

Wholesale priced fragrance oils, candle making supplies, soap making supplies, incense supplies, lotion making supplies, lip balm supplies, essential oils, and herbs. Free classes and recipes available on our website.

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we manufacture henna powder and hair color , black henna , red henna ,

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Shandong Galaxy Bio-Tech Co, Ltd.

Shandong Galaxy Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech, professional manufacturer of hyaluronic acid. Applying fermentation method to produce high quality hyaluronic acid, devoted to provide HA to health care food, personal care cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Our company have got Kosher, Halal certification.

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International Cosmetic Science Centre

ICSC is an innovative manufacturer of high quality natural products and your one stop solution for exotic butters, oils and antioxidants. Our products are certified by Ecocert, Kosher, Cosmos and NOP and we are an approved supplier to many multinational companies around the world. All our products are produced through Greener Technology. Day to day delivery from our warehouses in NJ, USA and Lystrup, Denmark.

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I&W Research Inc

I&W Research, Inc. is Canada’s premier producer and supplier of certified organic and conventional berry ingredients for the natural cosmetic, animal health and food functional industries.

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Manorama Industries Pvt Ltd

The Manorama Group has a history of over 60 years which started off with extracting oil from Sal and Mango and gradually forayed into exotic products and specialty fats. Today, the company is seen as one of the top global players in this industry, with some of its clients like fortune 500 companies of world being market leaders themselves.

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Manek Active Clay Pvy Ltd

Manek active clay, India is a leading and pioneering manufacturer of natural products like activated carbon, nleaching earth, talc, calcium carbonate, leca etc. We have exported to over 23 countries worldwide, we are a certified by ISO, KOSHER, Halal. Our shipments are prompt.

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BioconColors is a leading producer of natural colors specialized in a wide range of Cochineal and Annatto derivatives. With our production facilities based in Lima � Peru, we are able to produce at the source of the raw materials. We have developed a special range of Carmine products for Cosmetic (lipstick, blush, eyeshadow) and Pharmaceutical industries.

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Hebei Oxen Special Chemical Co.Ltd.

We are a leading professional manufacturer of Pearl Lustre Pigments in China. The company is ISO certificated with qualified products and service. Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments is one of the best colorants for color cosmetics, such as Cosmetics Pencils, Lip gross, Nail polish, Eyeshadow, and compressed powder, etc.Now, there are 15 series including over 400 codes available to satisfy your designing need.

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Access Ingredients

Access Ingredients is a distributor of personal care and cosmetic ingredients. We offer a wide range of products including skin care actives (anti-aging, skin whitening etc...), fermented oils, natural emulsifiers, surfactants and hair fixatives.

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Jiaozuo Zhongwei Special Products Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

Your reliable manufacturer and Partner for PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone)Polymers,with 6500mt/a capacity.Which are widely used in Cosmetic/Personal care, Pharmaceutical, Wine/Beer bevergaes,Textile and other industries.

location_on China

Pharma Resources International LLC

We offer & import many APIs & hard to find nutritional items. PRI LLC is the largest importer of Sodium Sulfacetamide USP, Fadogia Agrestis, Arbutin, Ferulic Acid Progesterone & Heme Iron Polypeptide (HIP) 2% Iron, just to name a few.

location_on United States

Shantou Sanbao Mica Technology Co., Ltd

Shantou Sanbao Mica Technology Co., Ltd. is the sole hi-tech enterprise specializing in the production of wet ground synthetic mica powder at home and abroad. At present, we have finished the pre-register of REACH for our products. Users can applicate our products in the cosmetics for the European Union market with reassurance.

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Zytex is the only manufacturer in India of AQUADIP {Gama-Poly glutamic acid}, a biopolymer, which has a super hydrating & moisture retaining capacity. Consequently it's a boon to the cosmetics & personal care industries. It's a Gamma Poly Glutamic acid which is very soluble, biodegradable, Nontoxic biopolymer produced by microbial fermentation of soybean. It is extremely effective for skin cosmetics.

location_on India

Golden Nevalite

Mining Company Mine located by Castle Mountains Nevada Calcium Montmorillonite Pink and White and Milled Pink 86% +- MMT 13% +- Basanite White 85% +- MMT 15% +- Gypsum Milled/Classified to 99% MMT Have certified lab reports All inquiries welcome Wholesale

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Guanghzou kaoking chemical Co.,ltd

Guangzhou Kaoking chmecial Co., Ltd. is a focus on cosmetics research and development, production and sales as one of new and high technology enterprise, the company has a professional raw materials and formulation development engineers, to provide customers with unique product technical assistance and support.

location_on China

Herb Elements

Herb Elements is a branch of HuaTai Biofine a manufacturer of raw materials for cosmetics and food additives in China. The Hua Tai company has self-improvement of product quality control system, advanced equipment as a means to ensure product quality. Our Main products include Glabridin, Glycyrrhizinate, and Portulaca extract-liquid.

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WE SUPPLY THE FOLLOWING: Dried Ginger Sesame Seed Hibiscus Flower Papaya Leaves Telfairia occidentalis (Fluted pumpkin) Leaves Tiger Nuts Baobab Oil Moringa Oil Neem Oil Castor Oil Baobab Fruit Powder Sesame Oil Voacanga Africana Seeds Mondia Whitei Roots Kigelia Africana/Sausage Tree Fruit. Please feel free to contact me for more details of any of these products anytime. Kind Regards,

location_on Nigeria

Tianjin YR Chemspec Technology Co.,Ltd.

Main of Y&R Products are Gamma-PGA,Gelatin,Sodium Alginate,Polyquaterinium(PQ)-7,Polyquaterinium(PQ)-11,Polyquaterinium(PQ)-22, Polyquaterinium(PQ)-39,TWEEN 20,TWEEN 40,TWEEN 60,TWEEN 80,SPAN 20,SPAN 40,SPAN 60,SPAN 80,Carbomer 934,Carbomer 940,Carbomer 941,Carbomer 980, lab/fine chemicals Lithium Aluminium Hydride,Lithium Hydride,Calcium Hydride,Sodium Hydride and Solvents N-Methylpyrrolidone,NEP,NOP.

location_on China


Our company, '' ESSENTIAL ORGANIC OILS LTD'', is a Greek company in processing of organic and natural products. The company recently completed an investment in infrastructure and equipment for distillation of aromatic and medicinal plants of the Mediterranean fauna. Our products essential oil pure organic are available: melissa ofisinalis ,Greek Oregano, Greek sage,Thyme etc.

location_on Greece

Jedwards International. Inc.

We represent an 80 year family tradition in the specialty oils market. Founded in 1994, Jedwards International, Inc. focused on the development of value added marine by-products, and rapidly expanded into a variety of seed oils, butters and waxes, chocolate and cocoa, derivatives, and essential oils. Many of these materials have dual uses in both food and cosmetic applications, servicing a broad customer base

location_on United States

Arbee Biomarines Extracts Pvt Ltd

India's leading player in fish oil extraction, refining and export.We are India's leading player in Refined fish oil Extractors and one among the leading Sardine Fish oil exporters in Kerala.Founded in 1980, Arbee's mission is to provide superior quality and safe sardine fish oil, shark liver oil, squalene in refined as well as crude forms.

location_on India


Ecopol Tech develops, manufactures and supplies biocomptible polymer microcapsules made of polyurethane and polyurea polymers for cosmetics. Our top selled products contain retinol (15%) and essential oils and fragrances (40%). Our system ensures high stability to avoid actives degradation and unwanted surfactant interactions. Visit

location_on United States

huile figue de barbarie

SETRAGAL is a Moroccan Company located in Morocco, we are specialized in manufacturing / export of Organic prickly pear seed oil and ARGAN oil .

location_on Morocco

Novel Nutrients Pvt Ltd

Novel Nutrients Pvt.Ltd. ISO, GMP ,FSSC 22000, Kosher, Halal, Organic certified organization , manufactures & delivers Dietary & Cosmaceutical ingredients to Food & Cosmetic industries globally.

location_on India


Delivering health and beauty solutions for cosmetics and personal care products. Surfactants Skin Lightening Anti Aging UV Filter Filming Conditioner Moisture Emolient,

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Supplies of cosmetic and medical clay from Ukrainian deposits. Supplies of medical leeches, grown at Ukrainian plants. We actively cooperate with buyers in the US, Canada, South Korea

location_on Ukraine

TNP chemical

As one of leading suppliers that is specialized in cosmetic ingredients, we have been providing these products to the prestigious cosmetic companies in South Korea with superior quality and expanding our markets to worldwide. Product list: 1,2-Pentanediol 5343-92-0 1,2-Hexanediol 6920-22-5 1,2-Octanediol 1117-86-8 Ethylhexylglycerin 70445-33-9 Methylpropanediol 2163-42-0

location_on Republic of Korea


OzoSoft is a therapeutic blend of ultra-pure olive and jojoba oil with frankincense. The oils have been infused over an extended period of time with precise amounts of a high energy form of oxygen called ozone. Jojoba & Olive oil with Frankincense can transform the way you manage your Skin.These natural oils are good for acne,skin fungus and skin treatment.

location_on United States

Kangcare Bioindustry Co.,Ltd

Kangcare is a bio-science technology based company in the global market with a team of specialists, who focuses on developing and marketing innovative and proven bioactive ingredients, and delivering science-based health and beauty solutions to customers. We always provide follow-up service, technical support and innovation suggestions, to meet customers� demands and help them to be successful.

location_on China

Gadre Mango Butter - Wholesale Suppliers

Gadre the manufacturer and Wholesale Suppliers of High Quality Mango Butter. It is made from mango kernel processed by super-critical extraction with carbon dioxide and deodorized. We are from the world famous Alphonso mango area of Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra state, India.

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Stroshe Lifesciences Ltd

We distribute many essential oil in bulk quantity and best deals. We have many blends aswel. Sandalwood oil is our main strength.. please contact for your requriements.

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Jubilee Coast International (Shanghai) Company Limited

Jubilee Coast International is a leading exporter and distributor of premium quality 100% unrefined Shea Butter, Baobab powder and Baobab powder� from Ghana to all over� the world. We understand that our customers expect quality and pure african sheabutter, Baobab powder and Baobab oil . At Jubilee Coast International we go that extra mile. We are large enough to compete, but small enough to care.

location_on China

Vav Lipids Pvt. Ltd.

Natural ingredients for Personal care!!! VAV Lipids is an innovation driven company with specialization in Lecithins and Phospholipids. VAV Lipids is the first Indian manufacturer of Phospholipids derived from soya, egg and synthetic for Cosmeceutical​ applications.

location_on India

ColorBit Middle East

ColorBit Middle East is one of the largest seed oil producer company in the territory. We are able to produce a high quality and up to 20,000 tons of virgin and unrefined various seed oil such as Pomegranate, Grapes, Chery, Tomato and many more with very competitive prices . Also as per client requirement too. We are willing and interested to cooperate with cosmetic manufacturer companies in the worldwide.

location_on United Arab Emirates

Go Green for Jojoba Oils Co.,

Go Green is one of the leading companies in Egypt for jojoba oils as our company owns the biggest farm in Egypt (12000 ACRES) for planting jojoba seeds. It's our pleasure to contact your esteemed company, as our promise to our customer is always to have the best, starting from the seed selection passing through the farm�s soil preparation, solar energy irrigation and ending with well refined and 100% pure oil.

location_on Egypt

Varsal Inc.

A specialty intermediates, chemicals and ingredients supplier with sourcing and production in China with global locations for stocking distribution.

location_on United States

Formulator Sample Shop

Supplier of Leucidal Liquid Line of Products, Extracts, Oils, Oil Soluble Extracts, Powders, Antimicrobials, Organic, natural, PhytoScents, Scented Extract Oils, BioFerments, & More More.

location_on United States


ethanol in the world. In addition we supply the widest range of Pure and Denatured Alcohol Formulas and Specialty Alcohols that include but not limited to: BEVERAGE BLENDERS; ORGANIC CERTIFIED ETHANOL; GMO FREE, Kosher for Passover, Wood, Wheat, & Cane, GNS. We operate the most rigorous quality system to insure continuity from Lot to Lot.

location_on United States

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp.

We supply pharma-grade hemp fiber Hemp-Scrubs - for abrasiveness in liquid soap and soap bars. Hemp-Scrubs is unique (we are the only supplier in the market), dry, powder-like and soft-abrasive, two grades. The product is 100% pure organic Canadian hemp fiber, fully biodegradable and flushable. Price: US$24 / Gallon (FOB Calgary, AB)

location_on Canada

Krishnapatnam Mines & Mineral Private Limited

We supply Mica Products of different varieties. Mica Powder of variable grades and mesh sizes, is available with us. on some business trip, I am available in USA until February 2nd 2018. I can meet the buyers for further discussions. Thanks- Dudi VR CEO Krishnapatnam Mines & Minerals Pvt Ltd +91-888-654-4844 USA mo: 346-812-9864

location_on India

Redox Pharmachem Pvt Ltd

Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer. Producer of Menthone Glycerin Acetal - Cooling Agent, Hydroxy Citronellal, Sandalwood Mysore Core, Bacdanol. Also dealing in Essential Oils Lemongrass, Palmarosa, Clove and Eucalyptus Oil

location_on India

Jordan Integrated For Manufacturing Mineral Dead Sea Product

We are Jordanian Manufacturer Located in Amman Jordan , and we have focused on manufacturing and Exporting BULK Material & Finished Skin Care products Since 1995. Our Main Ingredients of our Products is Originally Obtained from the Dead Sea in Jordan , and shipped Directly to Our Clients . All Our Skin Care solutions are Contain 100% Natural , and have all the Minerals that The Dead Sea Provide.

location_on Jordan

Sagescript Institute

Sagescript Institute is a Farm based Cosmetics Science company offering formulating, microbiology, private label, bulk bases and herbs and herb extracts to small cosmetics companies. We are situated on an herb farm in Longmont Colorado where we also create the Colorado Aromatics brand of skin care products.

location_on United States

Healthy Oils Company Ltd.

Boutique type company with its main activity � the production of 100% natural cold-pressed oils like Plum, Peach, Hazelnut, Apricot and others. We also produce scrubs from Plum, Peach and Apricot nuts rich in oil, rose water rich in rose oil, etc. All our products are 100% pure and vegan, not tested on animals, certified by the Vegan Society UK.

location_on Bulgaria

Sandvic International Limited

We are a Registered company based in Nigeria located in West Africa called SANDVIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, we are exporters of refined and unrefined Shea butter, Sesame, Ginger and cashew nuts from Nigria, We are in the business of Shea butter export and aim to provide our clients with quality, convenience, reliability, and affordability through our premium brand

location_on Nigeria

Alfa Chemicals

We have 3 dedicated divisions serving the industrial chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Our chemical expertise will help you find the products that will solve your formulation problems quickly.

location_on United Kingdom


Dear Sir/Madam, My name is John Adeniji, President of DABETH INDUSTRIES, a commodities export company based in Lagos, Nigeria dedicated to providing the highest quality Ginger, Sesame Seed, Hibiscus Flower​, ​Tiger Nuts​,​​ and Grains of Paradise.​ I would love to offer you KIGELIA AFRICANA/SAUSAGE TREE/KIGELIA PINNATA fruit for your Herbal products. Please feel free to contact me for more details. Thanks

location_on Nigeria

Taicang Newage Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Taicang Newage Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, settled in Taicang city, an attractive site of industry and commerce, on the outskirts of Shanghai. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, supplier, trader and producer of fine chemicals. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and all of our processes are designed to help them create market-leading products through our commitment to

location_on China

Dongying Guiheng New Materials Co.,Ltd

we are professional manufacturer of Beta-Bent Acetyl Glucose, CAS No.: 604-69-3. Appearance: White crystalline powder Melting Point: 129-133oC Assay: 99% min. 1. Used as intermediate in organic synthesis. 2. It is an active agent used for skin whitening and lightening.

location_on China

Neeelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Ltd.

Neelikon is a prime manufacturer of high quality dyes, pigments & lakes for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, home care, stationary and inkjet ink industries. Neelikon colours are sold in more than 100 countries. Neelikon is an ISO 9001 : 2008, FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000 + PAS220) & GMP Certified Company Neelikon colours are: Halal, Kosher, ISI & Non-GMO certified. Neelikon is REACH compliant.

location_on India

Immortelle Therapy

We are a grower, distiller and supplier of Helichrysum Italicum essential oil and Hydrosol. We own lands in Albania where our farms are growing organically this unique Helichyrusum plants native to the Albanian Mediterranean climate. As we know this oil is rich in active molecules offering unique anti-aging beauty results and for a wide range of skin treatments. A perfect ingredient to launch a product line.

location_on United States

Nature Island Importers

Pure Volcanic Sulphur Clay. All natural and organic- straight from the hot pools of active Volcanoes from the island of Dominica. This exotic clay contains Sulphur, Calcium and Iron. Sulphur helps to promote collagen in the skin for anti-aging. Also known to relieve almost every conceivable skin irritation from acne, bacteria, bug bites,eczema and more. You will not be disappointed. Try some today!

location_on United States


ABITEC is a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty lipids and surfactants. Through our world-class technical, scientific, regulatory and manufacturing expertise, we deliver the highest quality solutions in solubilization, emulsification and lubrication.

location_on United States

Shandong Focuschem Biotech Limted

Founded in 2012, FocusChem is a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Hyaluronate and Chondroitin Sulfate. Located in the Shandong province in the city of Qufu which is the hometown of Confucius. We specialize in making Sodium Hyaluronate as a kind of raw material for cosmetic and nutrition. We are ISO22000,ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSMS18001. Our material is KOF-K Kosher, Halal and GRAS.

location_on China

Latro Kimya

LATRO KIMYA is an International Chemical Trading Organization that works with the largest and pioneering producers in the world. We are situated in the market as raw material suppliers and specialty chemical manufacturer of chemicals. Our highly qualified and experienced sales and technical teams will help with product selection, lab testing, trials, qualifications and application methods.

location_on Turkey


NUWEN is a Groupe Roullier subsidiary and international specialist at the service of manufacturers. The company negotiates and produces mineral raw materials and functional ingredients in the domains of nutrition, well-being and the environment. NUWEN proposes a range of cosmetics powder specially designed to return skin to its natural beauty.

location_on France

Nanoshell Company

The Intelligent Nano Delivery System for Personal Care Products provides a variety of innovative, effective and safe ingredients in an easy-to- blend nano-sized package usable in any product formulation. Uses the latest nanotechnology advances, clinically proven and safe active ingredients, and specialized delivery systems.

location_on United States


Hangzhou Lianzheng Chemicals Co., a professional modern enterprise specialized in Cosmetic Ingredients, Nutrition Product, APIs and Fine chemicals, engaged in R&D, production and sales. Our main cosmetics raw material like tranexamic acid,arbutin,kojic acid,vitamin E powder,Vitamin C series

location_on China

Avoc International Solutions

Avoc International Solutions is leading and trusted supplier of Cosmetic Ingredients like Soap Noodles,Refined Glycerine, Stearic acid and various other. Our Products are manufactured at GMP,HACCP approved state of art facilities in South India. Our Products are Halal,Kosher approved. Quality & Pricing are the two main factors which always place us as a preferred supplier by our esteemed clients.

location_on India

White Carbon

We are the ideal suppliers of cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil and its by-products like pomegranate juice & pomegranate skin powder strategically located in the heart of Solapur in the state of Maharashtra, India where the production of pomegranates is highest in the world. We have been in the process of extracting pomegranate seed oil since 2005 and have delivered high quantities around the world.

location_on India

sarl labo nawat

We are a Labo Nawaat company from Algeria. New Collection Delivered to you Bay Nawat LABS, under the Commercial Name �Kernnela� Based ON 09 Years Of Researchers Developed By Algeria Researcher Mr:Khanneoui Ammar. We have high quality products extracted from date kernel oil. We are looking for Serious customers because we have the price and the quality. We hope to open a bridge for cooperation between us will

location_on United States

The Green Souk

Our 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil is produced by the Cooperative Al Amal in Morocco and certified organic. �We use only first choice fruits, hand- cracked and ground by women. The cold-pressed extraction process with modern technology meets the highest quality, and�health standards.� Full traceability of each phase of the process is guaranteed

location_on Morocco

Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Ltd

One of the leading manufacturers and Exporters of high quality Colours for Cosmetic, Home/Personal Care, Food, Pharma, and Ink industries since last more than 35 years. We are ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and GMP certified company with certifications like Halal, Kosher, ISI and Non-GMO. Our major products are REACH compliant. To know more about our company, you may please visit our website

location_on India

The Peridot Group

Supplier of Patented Water Soluble Nano Molecule Hemp Powder. Please call us at 720.427.1779 Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 6:00 PM MST or email us at [email protected] more information on how to place your customized order. We look forward to assisting you.

location_on United States

Kancor Ingredients Limited

Partnering with V Mane Fils, France; one of the largest Flavour and Fragrance companies in the world, Kancor specializes in complete food and cosmetic ingredient solutions right from sourcing of raw materials, extraction, research, formulation, testing and final delivery. Specializations include Natural cosmetics ingredients for skin care, sun protection and hair, Oleoresins, Essential oils, Floral extracts etc.

location_on India


looking for a trusted source for shea butter, shea nuts, moringa oil, baobab oil , neem oil, then look no further. Trust is the key to buying Internationally. Kina Africa is female owned and represented in Ghana and the U.S.A. We have three cooperatives in Ghana. Our women are empowered through fair trade. We go above and beyond for the women along the shea supply chain. Contact us for enquiries.

location_on United States

Yinlink International

Yinlink International is a socially responsible company that excels in the manufacturing and distribution of natural healthy ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dietary supplement,and cosmetics industries. Sodium Hyaluronate Turmeric / Curcumin Extract Grape Seed Extract Polyphenol 95% Krill CBD isolate 99% CBD isolate 97% CBD 10% WSOL Powder CBD full spectrum oil 50% CBD/80% cannibinoids.

location_on United States


We are Americas Finest CBD, we are a CBD Manufacturing company, we manufacture White/private label CBD products, as well as Extract some of the highest quality CBD Isolate, distillate and full spectrum. We would love to partner with a manufacturing company!!!

location_on United States

Aryan Chemicals

Aryan Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of food colors offering a complete range of Food Colors, Lake colors, FD&C colors, D&C Colors and Blended Colors.

location_on India

Anti-Aging Extracts LLC

Our non-denatured extracts are ideally suited for skin care products because they offer a multitude of highly beneficial synergistic properties such as proteins, peptides, enzymes, and water-soluble vitamins.

location_on United States

FCC Products, Inc.

FCC Products Inc. has been a premier supplier of raw materials and specialty products to the cosmetic / personal care, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and food industries since 1978. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a myriad of products of the highest quality at competitive price points geared for your industry. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

location_on United States

Shenzhen JyMed Technology company

we are professional manufacturer of cosmetic peptide,and we only focus on peptide products for more than 10 years. Briefly introduce our strengths: 1.FDA inspected & cGMP manufacturing facilities; 2.Large production capacity with an annual production over 1,000kgs; 3.With best quality and pretty competitive price. 4.We can also provide customized peptide services. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3 (Pal-AHK) SYN-COLL

location_on China

IFL Associates

I represent the largest manufacturer of THC-Free CBD in the US, Kazmira LLC. If your customers are asking about CBD infused products, or you are considering brand extensions, Kazmira can be a trusted supply chain partner, delivering a full range of THC-Free ingredients and white-label products. Feel free to reach out at any time. Jonathan Lerner [email protected] 732-917-4900

location_on United States

CBD Made in Colorado

Since 2001, the CBDMICO team has been manufacturing products for smoke shops and dispensaries across California. It didn�t take long for us to become one of the top-rated manufacturers of CBD products for businesses across the country. Our scientists and researchers spend their days developing cutting-edge formulas that work at the deepest possible level for effective results.

location_on United States

Sustineo Magnus Limited

jjjjjWe provide our customers with the highest quality of organic, unrefined Shea Butter and logistics support to deliver to their door-steps anywhere in the world.

location_on Netherlands

Charon Pharma Chem Industries

Charon Pharma Chem Industries is a pharmaceutical polymers manufacturers in the state of Gujarat (India). Charon Pharma Chem Industries was started in the year 2016 and comes with the products of metcoat, crysol and hairpol. We want to discuss business feasibility of our Novel Liquid Carbopol product used in Gel Formulations. We ensure consistent quality & cost effective product. Kindly reply. With regards.

location_on India

Beneficial Blends

Beneficial Blends is a 10 year old specialty oil company. We operate in SQF Level 3, Certified Organic facilities. We specialize in coconut oil products, Avocado Oil and other specialty oils. We can also offer cost savings on all your CBD needs including Isolate, distillate and contract packing. Please call me to discuss how we can help.

location_on United States

Deluxe Leaf

Deluxe Leaf began our journey with you in mind. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients. We offer low minimums, custom formulas, quick turn around, and volume discounts. We assign a dedicated account manager to walk you through the whole process.

location_on United States

Innovares Srl

Innovares has 15 years of experience in the production of cosmetics based on ozonized vegetable oils. We load ozone into oily matrices, getting a stable and well characterized active ingredient, to be used in formulations for therapeutic and cosmetic applications. Ozonia 3000 Sunflower is the only ozonated sunflower oil with a TDS that certifies the quality and safety of the compound,guaranteeing dawnstream user

location_on Italy

Luck Herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Luck Herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd engaged in herb extraction research, development, and production for more than ten years. Additionally, LuckHerb possesses a powerful RD team and high-tech equipment to produce natural and healthier products, and our mission is "Natural is Healthier.". Since 2013, LuckHerb's natural raw materials extensively applied in cosmetics, health supplements, beverage and food additive.

location_on China

Segev Food Export Import Co. Ltd.

Offering pure Seed Oils, Conventional and Organic, from our warehouse in New Jersey: Jojoba Golden, Jojoba Colorless, Pomegranate, Black Cumin

location_on Israel


As a cosmetic raw material company established in 2012, has its own factory and research institute. The main item is 1,3-hexanediol (propanediol, as for moisturizers and preservatives), and the raw materials have been certified by RSPO, REACH, and ECOCERT. In addition, we are dealing with detergents, water-soluble sunscreen ingredients, natural extracts and other cosmetic ingredients ([email protected])

location_on Republic of Korea

zley holdings

Zley Holdings was established in 1987, we have complete and advanced chemical materials production line. For a long time, we provided various active ingredients for Fosun Group, L'Oreal, Dow, and other internationally famous enterprises.

location_on Zimbabwe

Hangzhou Viablife Biotech Co.,Ltd

Viablife is a high-tech enterprise that is specialized in enzymatic synthesis and biomanufacturing of active pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients including Nicotinamide, Caffeic acid, Hydroxytyrosol, Hyaluronic acid, Protocatechuic acid, and Dihydrocaffeic acid. The goal of Viablife is to develop green, efficient and cost-effective biomanufacturing processes for industrially important products.

location_on United States

Johannes Holdings

We make handcrafted bath and body products, likes of liquid soaps, hot and cold process soaps, pine and coconut activated charcoal soaps, activated charcoal face and body scrubs, masks . all natural, made in USA with option of vegan friendly and fragrance free. We also sell Original, raw and organic extra virgin west African shear butter. we can supply your small business with small quantity and help you grow.

location_on United States

Dynemic Products Ltd

Dynemic Products Ltd, is an ISO and FSS, GMA-Sage accredited company engaged into production and exports of Dyes, Pigments, Lakes for Cosmetics, Phamra, Food, Feed, Pharma, Flavor. We offer full range of Food Colors, Lakes Colors and FD&C Dyes and D&C Dyes.

location_on India

Green Point Research

Vertically-integrated provider of hemp products from seed to sale. CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, CBD Crude Ask about CBG post harvest products. Contact us

location_on United States

GMG Global

GMGGLOBAL newly developed Vitamin c derivative, named UVW(Ultra Vitawhite) which is solved all problem of other one. UVW is stable at 40 degrees Celsius for 12 months without changing color and characteristics of raw materials and it's purity is 99.98% compare to natural Vitamin C. It has excellent stability compared to other Vitamin derivatives and ICNI Name competitors.

location_on Republic of Korea

Vihanteb pars

this is nahid saadati on behalf of vihanteb pars company we are supplier of cosmetic products and try to get in touch with wholesale distributors we would be glad to offer you the necessary services and hope to get positive answers from you soon

location_on Iran

Polystone Chemical GmbH

We manufacture in Germany light curing resins for fingernail cosmetics and pigments for Permanent Make-up in highest quality standards. We offer bulk and ready to sell finished products.

location_on Germany


Kuleana offers full-spectrum hemp extract as a natural ingredient for cosmetic manufacturers. Blended with antioxidant-rich Macadamia and Sunflower oils produced by the company in Hawaii, the extract is made from hemp plants sustainably farmed in Maui�s central valley and produced using a supercritical CO2 extractor that eliminates the need for harmful chemical solvents often found in other extraction methods.

location_on United States

Nature Trading Group

Nature Trading Group is your source for raw materials and special ingredients for cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and CBD. We are specialists in the supply chain, our materials are obtained directly from South East Asia. Our products are manufactured to elevate your expectations to a higher standard, while offering premium assistance to your business. Vegetable Glycerin & MCT Oils.

location_on United States

Ovigenex LLC

SAFE. CollOvine Collagen from OviGenex is sourced entirely from veterinarian-controlled, traceable, USDA-Certified, Australian disease-free sheep. PURE. Proprietary OviGenex technology - OviGenex products are supplied to the highest level of purity with no detectable levels of endotoxins. EFFECTIVE. OviGenex collagen retains the original collagen structure and functionalities QUALITY ASSURANCE. ASTM F2212

location_on United States

Shaanxi Hongkang Biological Technology Co.,Ltd

Company is mainly engaged in including Lotus leaf extract products(Nuciferine, lotus leaf extract products(Nuciferine, Lotus flavones, water soluble lotus leaf powder), licorice extract series products (Glabridin, LicochalconeA), magnolia bark extract series products (Magnolol, honokiol), Osthole, piperine, Tetrahydropiperine and Bioperine product. Widely used in cosmetic,medicine, health products etc...

location_on China

Bioalgo (WF) Co., Ltd

BIOALGO specializes in R&D and innovation of natural bioactive products from algae.Our vision and mission are to constantly promote health industry development, to commit to be a global supplier of natural bioproducts and to continuously enhance the quality of life.

location_on China

High Purity Natural Products

We are a CBD products wholesaler, offering contract manufacturing of health, beauty, wellness products. We offer USDA Certified Organic, CBD Isolate and distillate, CBG, and water soluble by the Kilo for ingredients, and more. We offer a wide range of CBD infused white and private label products.

location_on United States

Zley Chem

ZleyChem is an online cosmetic ingredient sample purchasing website, and we are part of ZlEY Holdings (SuZhou) Co., LTD. We give your business high-quality cosmetic ingredients.

location_on China

Lrisy Glitters

We offer 1000+ different colors and shapes of glitters. If you are looking for glitter for resin crafts or where to buy glitter in bulk, this is the best place for you.

location_on United States

Shri Ahimsa Mines and Minerals Ltd

We introduce our self as the manufacturer of following products Caffeine Anhydrous Natural from COFFEE and/ or TEA Green coffee bean extract ( Chlorogenic acid 45% and 50%) Senna extract 20% Curcumin 95% Kidney bean extract Our Company�s details and other products are available on our website and

location_on India

Swiss Medunion

Swiss MedUnion is a one-stop shops in the growing medical cannabis industry. We cover all stages of the value chain: from import to storage, including transport management, wholesale and all appropriate certification for all products. CBD Flowers, Oil, Isolates, Distillates, EU GMP Certified Products, high THC Flowers, Vapes, Cosmetics, CBD Products, Transport, Packaging, 0.2 CBD Flowers, Pharma Grade Isolates.

location_on Switzerland


We are a UK based supplier of ultra high purity Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide pigments for cosmetic formulations. All products compliant with UK / EU Pharmacopeia standards and FDA regulations and feature industry leading purity with ultra-low levels of heavy metals. Trusted suppliers to the food and beverage industry for almost 20 years.

location_on United Kingdom


ChemDirect is launching a new PC e-commerce platform, free for Suppliers. Will arrange U.S. stock.

location_on United States


PHYHEAL Co., LTD is biopharmaceutical company that researches, develops and produces new functional cosmetic and food ingredients from natural resources. We are producing plastoquinone nanoemulsion (20 nm) product (SargaX™) to ensure storage stability and to enhance skin permeability. Under the strict process and quality control, we are suppling SargaXTM to domestic and international partners.

location_on Republic of Korea

Wuhan Jiehong Intternational Trading Co Ltd

Wuhan Jiehong International Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates research and development, production and sales of organic silicone products. After several years of development, Jiehong now has become a key enterprise of organic silicone production in Hubei province and a leading enterprise of organic silicone in central China, also aimed to be the the leader in the field of silicone.

location_on China

Planta Scientific

Planta Scientific is a Miami-based innovation laboratory that creates and manufacturers patented, highly-bioavailable, nano-cannabinoid ingredients (water soluble Nano CBD) for consumer goods industries. In addition to Planta's advanced Nano CBD technology, the company also offers a curated catalog of the highest quality cannabinoid ingredients such as CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum CBD Distillate and CBG Isolate

location_on United States

EZ Chemical Inc.

EZ Chemicals is a proud Canadian company that specializes in the distribution of raw material ingredients and chemical products that suits your manufacturing and production needs. We serve the ingredient requirements across a variety of industries including personal care & pharmaceutical, cleaning & sanitation, CBD & e-liquid, food & beverage, and industrial . We strive to provide top quality products.

location_on Canada

I Color US LLC

iCOLOR US LLC is the US’s most trusted supplier of high-quality Natural color, food & cosmetics colors. Our products are mainly catering to industries like Cosmetics & Personal Care Products, Food Colors, Household products like Toothpaste, Deodorants, Soap, Shampoos, Hair Oil, Detergents, etc.We believe that customer is the king and we leave no stone unturned to keep our customers delighted.

location_on United States


OnScent partners with product innovators to create fragrances and natural cosmetic solutions that accelerate your success. Our team of fragrance industry experts combine creativity, science, market intelligence and regulatory expertise to deliver authentic solutions that differentiate your brands and delight your customers.

location_on United States

Laboratory Laudor

We specialize in the production of cosmetics using natural ingredients, including snail slime and aloe vera. These ingredients have great skin care properties, including moisturizing, regenerating and protecting it from the harmful effects of external factors.

location_on Poland

ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical

ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical is a German-Chinese joint venture located at the University Medical Center, Hamburg-Eppendorf. As the name indicates, ConPhyMed stands for ‘Confidence in Phytomedicine’. The company’s core business is the trade of plant extracts and active pharmaceuticals.

location_on Germany

Salice Beauty

Experience the power of OEM/ODM with Salice Beauty and embrace the beauty and melting pot of Moroccan and global influences. We will guide you through every step, enabling you to create and launch your very own custom skincare product line that flawlessly embodies your brand and caters to the diverse needs of your customers.

location_on Morocco

Ataliene - Private Label Skincare Atelier

We are reimagining Private Label Skin Care to better serve skin professionals. We help spa, esthetician, & aesthetician business owners enhance their retail with their own professional skincare line. It looks the way YOU envision - and belongs on the same shelf as the other products you carry - at low risk. Create a high quality product you would otherwise have to order in the 1000's of units - at a low MOQ. All with a foundation of clinical & natural professional clean skin care - in glass.

location_on United States


location_on China

Zhejiang Zhulong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

location_on China

Strahl and Pitsch

location_on United States

BoXin Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Xiamen Boxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. produces innovative biochemical and pharmaceutical active ingredients. 1. Mass production of semaglutide API 2. Mature cGMP production workshop for pharmaceutical active ingredients 3. Focus on the research and development of beauty peptides, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 and Nonapeptide-1

location_on China

Qingdao Guolin Technology Group Co., Ltd

Soy Yoli Liu de Qingdao Guolin Technology Group Co., Ltd., un fabricante chino líder de ácido glioxílico y formiato de potasio. Si estás interesado, por favor dímelo. Te daré un precio apropiado. Mi correo electrónico es: [email protected]

location_on China

SKIN functional

SKIN functional brings you expertly formulated skincare formulated at Optimal Concentrations of trusted ingredients, to restore and maintain your skin's ideal functioning. Our mission, to demystify skincare jargon and misinformation by delivering Honourable SKINtelligence. Selecting ingredients that have earned the right, leaving no room for redundancy, giving your skin everything it needs

location_on South Africa

hunan aslsen technology co.,ltd

Hunan aslsen technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier specializing in high-quality pharmaceutical and organic chemicals, with a focus on pharmaceutical intermediates, raw materials, and fine chemicals. Committed to ethical business practices, we prioritize delivering superior products globally.

location_on Hong Kong


Welcome to XIAMEN EQUATION CHEMICAL. XIAMEN EQUATION CHEMICAL CO.,LTD specializes in the production and export of chemicals.

location_on China

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