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Private Label Cosmetics- GAR Laboratories, Inc.

Low Cost Industrial Quantities
From 5,000 to 5 Million Pieces
GAR Laboratories Does It!

GAR Labs is a custom private label cosmetic hair care and skin care manufacturer, low Cost 5000 pieces and up. We are an FDA registered contract manufacturer and filler that produces cosmetics, toiletries, as well as all health and beauty aids. We also have a full service R&D Laboratory with onsite chemists.

Quoting one of our customers, GAR Labs is "very easy to work with" and is "quite reasonably priced".

We have a genuine willingness to share possible suppliers of components and we are above board regarding our cost of sales and its effects on final package. This sharing of information really helps start up product lines, and avoids costly pitfalls.

Skin Care Manufacturer

The experienced Hair Care Manufacturing, Skin Care Manufacturing and Cosmetic Manufacturing center, ideally located in Southern California to serve all of your private label needs - from laboratory services to mixing to filling to packaging and palletizing. GAR Laboratories will provide your brand with quality, experience and exceptional customer service - walking you through the manufacture process step-by-step, providing explanation and insight along the way.

  • Low Cost 5,000 pieces and up with high volume capacity
  • Full-service contract manufacture of private label skin care
  • Solar powered facility!
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Hair Care Manufacturer 

The experienced Hair Care Manufacturing, Skin Care Manufacturing and Cosmetic Manufacturing team at GAR Laboratories is standing by to speak about your private label hair care needs! From sexy, high-end brand name anti-aging creams to inexpensive, quality natural body lotions sold in your local heath food store; GAR Labs does it all! Partner with GAR Laboratories, and let our experience as a skin care manufacturer make the process of developing your product for the market an easy one.

  • Low Cost 5,000 pieces and up with high volume capacity
  • Full-service contract manufacture of private label skin care
  • Hair Care Product Development
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  • Tamper evident seals
  • Private Label Hair Care
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  • Hair Care ManufacturerGAR Laboratories, offers a myriad of product containers with an almost unlimited selection of customized and professional packaging options. Our Hair Care Manufacturer experts have worked in the nutritional supplement and skin-care industries for more than 30 years. Our experience makes us more than just your skin care manufacturer; we're your partner. We understand the market and are fully prepared to help you in selecting the right type of packaging for your market.

Packaging Capabilities

  • Plastic jars & bottles.
  • Airless pumps and metered pumps
  • Fine mist atomizers and standard sprayers
  • Outer shrink and tamper evident seals

Purified Water Management 

In order to ensure the highest quality and longest shelf life, all GAR manufactured water based products are made with purified, de-mineralized, bacteria-free water.

  • 4 stage deionization systems that removes the minerals, then it is forced to pass though
  • 8-Ultraviolet lights that irradiates the water as is passes by that immediately kills all bacteria, then it is forced through
  • 8-Sub-Micron (.25) filters that remove any trace particles or dead bacteria that is present in the freshly de-mineralized and irradiated water.

This freshly purified water is circulated through the Manufacturing Department, Filling Department, and Sanitation Area before being returned to the 10,000-gallon water holding tank where it repeats the trek through the purification loop again where it is irradiated and sub-micron filtered...every 60 seconds until used!

GAR Laboratories is a Skin Care Manufacturer and Hair Care Manufacturer
with extensive expertise and experience. Contact us  to get started today!