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prepared by:
susan m. rafaj
marketing services inc.
january 2007


Often a trend isn’t recognized until it’s on its way to becoming an established market pattern.  And so it goes with this list.  Those trends mentioned earlier in this report include:

  • Multichannel marketing, promotion and advertising
  • Natural/organic products
  • Cross-channel marketing and distribution
  • Private label beauty brands
  • Exclusive brands, often imports
  • Minority targeted product development, marketing and advertising
  • Climbing retail price points
  • Gift cards

Some additional areas to watch are:

  • A push for consumer loyalty on the part of businesses and manufacturers.  One tool is “mileage”, as found on, where spa points are awarded by member spas.  These points can be redeemed for full size products from brands including Jane Iredale, GoSmile and Yonka.
  • Eco-friendly packaging, with increased use of biodegradable plastics (bioplastics) made from corn and other plants.  It’s reported that this market is growing 20% annually in Europe.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing – a study by Keller Fay Group estimates that Americans make about 4.5 million brand mentions a day just through conversation.  This could become an arm of multichannel marketing or an extension of product placement.
  • Venue-exclusive outer packaging, already practiced on Television Home Shopping Channels, also is being utilized by Sephora in exclusive sets and kits.
  • More sophisticated product placement, as with Nivea for Men (teamed with Philips Norelco razors), appearing at different stages in a video game.
  • More corporate involvement with the consumer through blogs, RSS feeds and other digital technology.
  • State and local regulations, as exercised by Berkeley, California’s decision to regulate nanotechnology.